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pvc clothing Cikou

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pvc clothing Cikou

Classification of the:Magnetic button Cikou

Detailed information

Cikou] [pvc clothing details:
Custom processing: Yes
Model: 020
Specification: 480mm
Brand: Gui Ying
Name: Cikou
Scope: luggage accessories

PVC clothing Cikou Details:
Haiying Magnet Co., Ltd. Guangxi autonomous production and sales of PVC clothing Cikou, Cikou clothing, apparel magnetic. The main features are: waterproof, invisible, beautiful, innovative, easy to use, ordinary type of PVC, environmentally friendly natural degradation, harmless, good toughness, and so on.
PVC clothing Cikou product performance: return through the magnetic reflection physical, plus the magnetic nickel plated steel, magnetic stronger by high-frequency pressure hot processed to isolate the product with air and water, will not rust oxidation nice, simple to use. The magnetic button has multiple functions; waterproof, magnetic particularly strong, automatic suction tight, automatic alignment, prevent slippage, etc., wear clothes that will automatically "beat" "beat" "beat" sucked tight, not manpower, especially for children do not understand buttoning and winter wear gloves when using tear becomes a little harder to be, very convenient!

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