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Ferrite magnets gay

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Ferrite magnets gay

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[Introduction] ferrite magnets of the same sex
 Isotropic ferrite magnet is a metal oxide having a ferromagnetic. On the electrical characteristics, the isotropic ferrite magnet resistivity than a metal, an alloy magnetic material is much greater, but also a higher dielectric properties. Isotropic magnetic ferrite magnets having high performance can be further permeability at high frequencies. Thus, homosexual ferrite magnets have become widespread use of non-metallic high-frequency weak magnetic field.
 Uses: For permanent magnet motors, instrumentation, micro motors, magnetic drives, magnetic devices.

 Ferrite magnets process [homosexual]
 Process: ingot melting ingredients → → → milling-pressure sintering tempering → → → grinding magnetic detection pin Qiejia → → → finished plating. Which is the basis of the ingredients, tempering sintering is the key.

 Product details show homosexual ferrite magnets:

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