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Circular permanent magnet

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Circular permanent magnet

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Large circular permanent magnet knowledge popularization, waiting for? Miss this time, penitence lifetime, circular permanent magnet what expression of magnet, fast with the Shanghai YingGui magnetic industry co., LTD. Small make up together and see it!
Circular permanent magnet expression of magnet:
1: circular size generally expressed in D (diameter as belong to a special symbol for the convenience of the majority to use D instead of Φ), such as D10X2MM represents is 10 mm in diameter, 2 mm is the thickness of the magnet. X this is mathematical symbols "multiply".
2: the size of the square is length X width X height is generally expressed in F square. Such as F60x20x10MM, said is square magnet is 60 mm long, wide is 20 mm, thickness is 10 mm, usually the default last a digital representation of the square magnet magnetization direction, such as F60x20x10 squares, magnetization direction is the direction of the 10 mm, which is highly direction of magnetization. NS in the face of the two biggest, 60 x20.
3: the size of the ring is outer diameter DX diameter DX height. D32XD18X6 toroidal magnets, for example, said the outside diameter is 32 mm, inner diameter is 18 mm, height is 6 mm. Height also called thickness. Rings are divided into straight hole and countersunk head hole, hole is vertical in the straight hole, while the countersunk hole is big holes and holes and hole depth and hole depth is commonly known as the screw holes.
4: spherical magnet, the diameter of the simple D said. Such as D5MM said is magnetic ball is 5 mm in diameter.
Circular permanent magnet

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