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Heart solution absorption, permanent magnetic chuck!

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Heart solution absorption, permanent magnetic chuck
Permanent-magnetic chuck also known as magnetic chuck or permanent magnet jack, is a machinery factory, mold factory, forging plant, steel mills, shipyards, and so on use steel place for handling tools, can greatly improve the block, cylindrical, plank, irregular guide magnetic steel material handling efficiency. Commonly used permanent magnet materials are divided into aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet alloy, iron chromium cobalt permanent magnetic alloys, permanent magnet ferrite, rare earth permanent magnet materials and composite permanent magnetic materials.
1, aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnetic alloys. Iron, nickel, aluminum as the main component, also contains the elements such as copper, cobalt, titanium. High remanence and low temperature coefficient, magnetic stability. Cent two kinds of alloy casting and powder sintering alloy. 30 ~ 60 s application is more, now more coil system used in the instrumentation industry in instrument, meter, micro motors, relays, etc.
2, iron chromium cobalt permanent magnetic alloys. With iron, chromium, cobalt element as the main ingredient, also containing molybdenum and a small amount of titanium, silicon. The processing performance is good, can be cold thermoplastic deformation, magnetic similar to aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet alloy, and can through plastic deformation and heat treatment can improve the magnetic. Used in the manufacture of all kinds of small cross section, complex shape of small magnet components.
3, the permanent magnetic ferrite. Mainly include barium ferrite, strontium ferrite, and its high resistivity, coercive force is big, can be effectively applied in the air gap magnetic circuit, especially suitable for small generator and permanent magnet motor. Permanent magnetic ferrite do not contain precious metals such as nickel, cobalt, rich source of raw materials, simple process, low cost, can replace aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet system of magnetic separator, magnetic bearing, speakers, microwave devices, etc. But the maximum magnetic energy product is low, temperature stability, quality of a material is brittle, fragile, don't impact resistance vibration, unfavorable for measuring instrument and precision requirements of the magnetic device.

Permanent-magnetic chuck

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